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Meet The Trainer 

Susan Vergara

As a hotel manager, Sunday school teacher, parent of two children

and caregiver to several dogs throughout the years, providing an environment that is nurturing, inspiring, and encourages trust and respect has always been her passion. Susan is a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College and has earned a certificate in training shelter dogs.  This training program required text book work as well as 16 weeks of hands-on training with force-free trainer

Leah Roberts and 10 hours of volunteer work at a local shelter. 


During the past several years Susan and her dog, Willow, have completed basic and intermediate levels of obedience training, off leash training, dock diving,  search and rescue, and all levels of Scent Work classes.  Susan and Willow are members of the National

Association of Canine Scent Work and currently are

practicing for their first trial next year.  Willow has 

received her Canine Good Citizen Certificate

Susan also works as activities coordinator at

A Little Pet Inn, a doggie daycare for pets under

40 pounds. She is fully certified in Pet CPR

and First Aid by Pet Tech.

Meet The Inspiration 


Willow was adopted from Houndhaven Rescue when she was fifteen months old. She was not socialized as a

puppy, so the world was, and still is, a scary place

 for Willow.  She is a very curious dog with a

high food drive and will try almost anything

if there is a chance she will be rewarded.

Willow loves to swim at the doggie beach at

Ft. Desoto Park. Once Willow decides

she can trust you, she will shower

you with chin nibbles and wet lab

kisses!  When not at home, Willow can

be found on her float in her Grandma

and PopPops pool!

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